Best Home Safety Tips

As a parent child safety is a very important thing to consider especially when dealing with their safety around the house.More Check This Out

Ultimately your child’s safety is up to you.

You can’t totally redesign your home to accommodate your new bundle of joy, but what you can do is be vigilant.

The best thing to do to really get an idea of the dangers your child or children might face is to get down to their level. Quite literally this means to get down on your hands and knees in every room/area to access the hazards in your house.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and I am also a firm believer on not cutting costs when it comes to safety. In some instances it is as simple as removing the hazard completely. For example I had a lot of glass ornaments on display; I just packed them away in some boxes until my little boy was old enough to know not to touch.

Here are seven basic child safety tips:

1. Fence any pools, spas or water features with self-closing gates. Water is a silent killer. Always bear in mind a child can drown in 5cm of water.

2. Safety barriers or gates for items such as steps, fires, ovens, or to restrict access to certain areas or rooms in your house.

3. Smoke alarms are critical to advise you of any smoke danger.

4. Fence or child safety locks to restrict access to outside, driveways or dangerous areas outside.

5. Child safety latches, catches, electric plug protectors. Dangerous products, chemicals and medicines need to be locked out of reach. Electric plugs need to be made safe from small fingers or toys.

6. Hot Water tap/faucet temperature protectors. A child’s skin can be scalded in less than a second.

7. Vertical blinds and certain cords are a serious hazard to babies, toddlers and small children. Ensure all cords are out of reach of children. Remove any furniture that can be used to climb and reach cords. Cords can be replaced with wands or make sure the cord is secured at least 160cm (1600mm) off the ground. We have draw string blinds in our master bedroom and we have the cord wrapped around a hook/cleat fixed approximately 200cm (2000mm), these can be purchased from the hardware store Other cord protectors, windups etc. can be purchased to aid in your child’s safety. Listed above are just seven safety suggestions. Child safety is very important lets all do our best to protect our children.